Should you DIY or hire a professional?

This is a question each homeowner asks themselves when they need a task doing on their home. Should you do home improvement yourself or should you ignore your ego and hire a professional who knows what they’re doing.

This is a dilemma thats usually faced in spring after a long cold winter when its time to spruce the home up for the glorious summer months. There are two types of people. One half call in a professional no matter what, whether its installing a brand new kitchen or replacing a door handle. The other half tackle home improvement themselves and for them its a hobby and they take pride in fixing their own problems by themselves.

However these two groups should not be split because deciding whether to hire a professional or do it yourself should depend on the project itself and the cost of the project.


DIY Gone Wrong


Homeadvisor carried a research survey  which found that one-third of homeowners research costs to ensure that they receive reasonable and accurate costs from tradesman and aren’t being ripped off. A quarter of those surveyed search to aid them with budgeting and another 20% of those surveyed research prices to help them decide whether they should do it them self.

The survey also found that millennial are the most likely to tack on the project themselves with 64% of them attempting to complete the job if they feel that hiring an expert is too expensive.

Do you have the skills?

Whilst the cost is probably one of the most important factors to homeowners, it shouldn’t be the only thing that you use to decide whether to hire a professional or not.

You should asses whether you actually have the skills necessary to complete the project to a high standard. A poor job can actually increase your costs exponentially if you ave to hire a professional to come in an fix the mess that you’ve made.

Youtube and the rest of the internet can often make DIY projects look a lot easier than they are and people tend to over estimate their abilities. If you are a beginner you should start on smaller projects first. Instead of re painting your whole house, start with a small spare room and see if you have the skills required and if you’re pleased with the results.

Also these small projects should be small enough that you can complete them in one day  and you already own the majority of tools needed, and if you do need to buy tools that that it won’t be a high financial outlay. Please think carefully before you take on a project that requires qualifications and certifications such as gas, electric, plumbing etc.

If you decided that you don’t have the necessary skill level to complete the project yourself then you should get several different written quotes from different tradesmen/businesses. Don’t immediately go with whoever offers you the lowest price, you should inquire as to why the price is so low.

Inquire about other projects they have completed that are similar to yours and check their qualifications and what level of insurance that they are covered by. When you receive a quote you need to be sure that it is a quote and not and estimate and the latter can incur unwanted additional costs which can affect your budget. You can also save money if you lock the estimate instead of using the time and building materials rates.



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